5 most beautiful canyoning spots in the world

5 most beautiful canyoning spots in the world

Canyoning is an original sporting activity allowing you to live an exceptional experience while being close to nature. A family-friendly and fun activity, this sport allows you to share unique moments and challenges.

Around the world, there are many canyons offering an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a paradise at the same time. During the canyoning, various activities such as hiking, toboggans or crossing bridges and jumps are available, all in a safe environment.

Great canyoning pots around the world

As you can see, you won't have time to be bored during a canyoning because there are always new settings, new sensations to discover. We must not forget that this sport requires a certain mastery of the techniques and a good physical condition. Let's now go to discover the most magnificent canyoning sites in the world:

  1. La Richiusa is one of the most beautiful canyons located in the Migliarella massif. You can start with a downhill trek of about thirty minutes then you would be in osmosis with the forest. Dive into the turquoise water after jumps of all kinds, slides. Other interesting activities are still proposed.
  2. Near the village of Les Rousses in Lozère, The Tapoul is classified as a marvel of the Aigoual. The majority of canyoning enthusiasts never miss this place because it is especially dedicated for athletes. From downhill, waterfalls, jumps to zip lines, the whole route requires a habit and a good physical condition. Some obstacles may arise; nevertheless, this is a challenge not to be missed.
  3. In Spain, The Sierra de Guara offers an extraordinary experience to all who wish to venture. The canyons are in the north where the real gorges are engraved in the limestone. Certified guides are present at all times and accompany visitors, they will introduce beginners in their wild landscapes and programs according to their levels such as climbing, hiking, Vias ferratas and other surprises.
  4. The Riolan: The jewel of the Alpes-Maritimes takes in an idyllic environment between rugged cliffs, lush nature and transparent water. For one day, you can walk this route to curved sports circuits with descents of about 3 km. The amateurs are strongly welcome; however, if you want to go with your family, instructors will be happy to accompany you.
  5. The Verdon: A natural course, swimming, walking, slides; not to mention the smile, the program is just as attractive as the charms of this canyon located in the region of Castellane. Beginner, intermediate or professional, you can take on any challenge including climbing in the heart of a paradisiacal view. The Via Ferrata is impressive thanks to the via ferrata course while being safe as visitors are accompanied by a monitor.

A day of adventure with unique settings

Since canyoning is a mountain sport, it offers all adventurers without exception a chance to evolve. However, it offers several activities such as walking, swimming in the natural pools and jumps in the most beautiful jewels.

Climbs, descents and obstacles on the way are well worth exploring to take full advantage of what nature offers. The playground is extended especially as the setting is majestic in all levels.

For a change of scenery, this sport offers everyone a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature for half a day or a day, depending on the category.

Escape to a unique environment

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